Stuck in the simulator

July 3, 2010

Wow, something different every day ... I just took an afternap nap, and when I "woke up", I thought I heard a noise, like maybe someone knocking on the front door. As I tried to get up, I was having some problems with the sheets. As I fought with them, I thought I heard a knocking again, and I thought, "C'mon Al, get out of bed and see what's going on", and I struggled some more. I've been sick lately, and a little weak, so I thought maybe I was having a weakness problem.

Long story short, I was stuck in something like a simulator, in this case, a "simulator" of me here in this apartment. Everything was perfectly real, so real in fact I didn't know I was really still asleep. After much more struggling I finally did wake up in my own bed, and then realized what had happened.

To give you an idea of how strange this event was, and how real the simulator was, before I heard the knock on the door, I decided to close my eyes and try to think about a friend who is performing a remote-viewing test with me. When I "closed my eyes" (again, I was in the simulator here) I saw an image of a fork, so I then decided to open my eyes. Just after this was when I heard the first knock/noise on the front door.

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