Lucid dream of an astral event ... and a ghost

July 29, 2010

(I'm going to try to describe what just happened, but frankly, this was a little unusual, even for me, so I'll just see if I can report this experience as it happened.)

I gained consciousness during a dream state, and found myself laying in a bed. I didn't know where I was, but the bed was set up so that my head and upper torso were propped up, such as in a bed whose top half could be raised, or perhaps my upper body had some pillows propped underneath it.

Believing that to be my physical body, my astral body slid downward out of that physical body, leaving my physical body from head to toe, sliding down the legs and off the bed. However, as I was partially out, my astral legs became embedded in something, something that felt like a soft rubber. It was neither a pleasant or unpleasant feeling, but I couldn't move any farther in that direction. Unable to proceed, the astral body reversed course, and came back to my physical body.

Next, my physical body was lifted from the bed I was in, feet first, and dragged down to the floor. My body was spun around, with my head now near the open doorway to this room. I was trying to let all this happen, but frankly it was extremely unusual, though not frightening.

At this point my middle sister appeared in the doorway. (I have three older sisters, and she is the second oldest.) I could see she was worried about me laying there on the floor, so I quickly said, "I'm okay. I'm asleep, but I'm also awake. Please just let this happen."

She said something about being worried about me, and wanted to check my pulse at my neck. I felt like I had something like a collared shirt on, so I said, "No, no, not the neck, use my arm", which she proceeded to do, checking my pulse with my left arm, and saying that it was harder to get a pulse there. For some reason I felt it was important that she not loosen the collar to get my pulse.

As she was checking my pulse, my right leg was pulled up into the air, out of my control. "Don't worry," I said, "everything is fine." Next my left leg was pulled straight up into the air, and I was hoisted off the ground. Looking at my sister I repeated the message: "Just let this happen, don't interfere."

As I hung upside down, my body was pulled across the room. I was headed straight for a wall, picking up speed as I went along. "Oh no," I thought, "not the wall." Sure enough, my body slammed up against the wall, then hung there for a few moments. Being a wee bit of a smart-ass, I thought to myself, "I could have told you I wasn't going out through that wall." But as I hung there, upside down, in silence, it was clear that verbal communication was not a strength of this new relationship.

After dangling there for a few moments, my body was dragged back over to the area where my sister was sitting on the floor. On the way some part of my body hit something like a power cord, and a long, slender, fragile object was pulled off a dresser. I managed to catch it, and muttered to myself that if that was broken it would really been upset. I set it on the floor as my body was still being pulled across the room.

My body was dropped on the floor next to my sister, who by this time was just staring in amazement, or possibly shock. Once again I said, "Just let this happen, this is important", but she didn't say a thing, only staring.

Nothing more was happening with my body, and as I thought the event might be over, I looked over on the floor next to me, and a red flashlight was now there. It was one of those long, relatively thin flashlights, filled with four 'D' size batteries, and a sliding on/off switch. It turned itself on, then turned itself off. My sister saw it, I was sure of that, but I thought she might be in shock by now. "I'm sorry", I thought, "I can't help you right now, I need to find out what is happening here."

The idea occurred to me that whatever was pulling me around -- presumably a spirit of some sort -- decided that since it couldn't get rid of me, it was going to try to communicate this way, through the flashlight. I realized I could only ask yes or no questions. "Are you a ghost?", I asked, realizing what a dumb question that was as soon as I asked it, and nothing happened.

"Do you live here?", I asked next. The flashlight spun ninety degrees and pointed at an exterior wall. I didn't know what to make of this, but I thought it was trying to indicate direction, or something about that wall. I thought of a question next, something like "Are you a boy?", but before I could ask the question, the flashlight spun another ninety degrees, and the light was turned on.

Still laying on the floor, I turned to look, and saw the flashlight shining on a closet, whose doors were opened. There was a young boy's bicycle in the closet, a bike designed with curved bars, like an old Schwinn, leaning against the back wall. Toys were spread on the closet floor in front of it. "Are these your toys?", I asked, but suddenly I knew I was losing consciousness in this environment, and would soon wake up back in my own bed. "No, no, no," I thought, but it was too late, I was laying back here in my own bed, with a complete recollection of what just happened. My impression was that yes, those were his toys.

I laid in the bed here, hoping to fall back to sleep, or have an OBE that might help explain this, but it was too late. My physical body here had to go to the bathroom, and nothing else was going to happen. I looked at my hands to make sure this environment was real.

What did happen?

Frankly, I have no idea what was just happened. All just a dream, maybe. I've had adventures like this before, where I have an OBE that is spawned from a lucid dream, and the events that happen can be correlated back here in the physical world.

For instance, once I "woke up" during a dream, and found myself having an OBE. For some reason I was exploring a wall in my apartment, as if I was trying to see if I could go through the wall. Then I heard a noise behind me, a buzzing noise, first on, then off, then on again. Then I realized what the noise was -- it was my physical body, snoring in the bed behind me, as my astral body was exploring this wall. I had a wonderful astral laugh, and soon returned to the physical.

Whatever happened here today, just before 7 p.m. local time, I can best describe as some sort of astral event within a lucid dream environment, though even that doesn't do it justice. I clearly felt like I had an astral body initially, I ran into a gooey substance, then backed up, and felt like I was within a physical body. This physical body was then dragged around by an external force, as my middle sister watched.

At the end, laying on the floor, I felt like I was communicating with a ghost, and very likely the ghost was a boy whose toys were in the closet.


As I type this, I feel more than a little disoriented. As usual, things that happened "there" are just as real as things happening "here" right now, and the feeling here is like I don't belong here right now ... really, I can't think of a good way to explain it, but I just don't fit into this body 100% correctly at this moment. "Nauseated" is another word to describe the way I feel, as the thought of throwing up just crossed my mind.

I do wonder, will my sister have any awareness of this? Will she right me tomorrow morning and say, "You know, I had the strangest dream last night ..."

Asking questions of a ghost

This whole encounter made me think that it's very important to know what you want to ask a ghost long before an encounter like this. It's hard to make up yes or no questions on the spot. Better questions might have been:

The reason I said earlier that it was dumb to ask this spirit if it was a ghost is that from what little I know about this situation, most ghosts don't even know their ghosts. They think they're alive, still living in this area, much like Captain Kirk, when he was trapped in the Nexus in one of the Star Trek Next Generation movies. The spirit is trapped here in a very similar manner, caught in a dreamlike environment that it doesn't know is a dream.

The room

I can describe this room fairly well. When you walk in the door that my sister came in, the bed is on your right, and the closet would be to your left. Directly across the doorway entrance was a wall, which I assume was an exterior wall. I believe there was a window in that area.

Going from that spot on the wall to your right, I believe there was at least one piece of furniture against that wall, probably a large dresser. Farther down along that wall I think there was another piece of furniture, and the object which almost broke was on that piece of furniture. It was possibly a part to a lamp, I don't know. I just knew it was long, much more slender than long, twisted along its axis, and also fragile, as if it were made of glass. I don't believe there was a light bulb or lamp shade with this object, so I question that it was a light.

Further to the right was the wall my body was slammed up against. There may have been a small window high on this wall, but what I really remember was that it had a simple wallpaper pattern on it, a light background with some sort of repeated patterns on it, like small flowers.

Given what I can remember, I don't know what my astral body would have been stuck in when it slid out of the physical body in bed. All I can do is report that is what happened.

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