More words in dreams that have meaning

August 12, 2010

For the second or third time that I can recall, I've thought of a word in a dream that I didn't know, which ended up being a real world, and is related medical condition I have. In this case the medical phrase is "hiatal hernia", and on Monday I learned that this is another problem in my digestive system.

Unlike my pericardium dream (where I had no idea if that word was real), in this case I had heard of a hiatal hernia, but didn't know what it meant, other than a general understanding of what a hernia is. In this case I was thinking of the term "hiatal hernia" for at least a week before an Upper GI exam that I just had performed this week, and couldn't get the phrase out of my mind, so I wrote it down, hoping that would help me quit thinking of it.

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