Dream thoughts - continuation, series, always running

October 7, 2010
Whether it's the increased meditation or something else, the dreams continue to pile up, both lucid and otherwise. An important note I want to make here is that my dreams seem to have a life of their own. What I mean by that is there is a certain continuity to them. I'll dream Scene 1 one night, and then a night or two later I'll be dreaming a continuation of that dream, Scene 2, 3, or something else. And then in that continuation dream something will happen that sparks my dream memory, and for a moment I'll think, "Oh, that's right, I remember doing X some time ago." I don't know if everyone has this same experience, so I thought I should share this here. To be clear, these aren't recurring dreams, but a dream series (like a tv series), and I suspect that the series keeps running during the day, even as I type this.

Is a "dream thread" always running?

The reason I say that I suspect that my dreams continue to run during the day -- even as I type this -- is because of other experiences I've documented here before. I've noted here before that there are a few times every year where I'm able to lay in bed and toggle back and forth between this current state of consciousness and a dream state. When I say "toggle", I mean that in one moment I'm able to be here, laying in my physical bed, and in the next moment my consciousness changes just slightly, and I'm in a dream state -- even though I'm still awake -- and the dream is already running full speed. After this, I can switch back to consciousness back here in the physical, then toggle back to the dream, which again is still running -- and very importantly -- it's not picking up right where I left off with it before, but at some point further downstream in time. As I said above, the dream just keeps running, and I step into it from time to time. I may try to document this over time by starting to record my dreams again. I'm a little hesitant though, because recording my dreams requires more sleep time at night, and I also have a day job that requires solely on my effort for income, and "more time for sleep" isn't really part of my life plan at the moment. (Other than that, I love taking the time to record my dreams, as that process in itself helps me have more lucid dreams.)
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