Driving, social activity, and dream activity

October 7, 2010
One other note about last night's dream sequences: I had about five very active sequences, two of which would be considered lucid, and this makes me wonder, was all this dream activity related to my driving yesterday? I've noticed on more than one occasion that a certain amount of driving (and possibly social interaction) leads to me being more aware of my dreams, some combination of more active dreams, more lucid dreams, and more dream awareness. I've noted this effect on this website before. If you'll search for "virginia beach", I think I've made at least two entries here about trips to Virginia Beach, followed by immediate lucid dreams and OOBEs. Conversely, not getting out much seems to hinder dreams, as has happened most of this summer. (I was sick with a gallbladder problem for a long stretch (see my gallstones diet advice and gallstones diet and dizziness articles for more information), and didn't get out much at that time.)
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