My wife in an alternate reality

October 11, 2010
For everything I've written about being well-rested, it's possible to be too well-rested, which is where I was at last night. It was easy enough to get to sleep at night after some light yoga and meditation, but then I woke up just before 3am, ready to start the day. I finally quit fighting it at 5:30am and got up to start the day. One interesting dream happened at just before 5am, where I sat with my wife outside her grandparent's house and watched two or three boys play. After a while she got up, went into the house, spoke with her grandfather, and signed some sort of documents for him. Her signature and name were very unusual, however. She signed her name as Kimberly Bolton-Stafford, and it was a very elaborate signature, with some sort of concentric loop at the end, like a seashell. As I observed this I don't think I was physically in the room as myself, I was just an invisible observer. At one point her grandfather spoke, and said something like if he could just turn back the clock a little bit, he'd like to be able to work in the garden and do a few other things around the house. I woke up wondering if the boys that were playing were supposed to be my wife's children in some alternate universe, and whether I was just there as an observer outside as well.
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