An OBE, interrupted

October 17, 2010
For the last two nights I've been doing some chanting before going to bed, and then meditating for as long as I felt like it, without using a timer. As expected, this led to an OBE last night, or at least the start of one ... Because then, just as the OBE was clearly starting, there was some yelling in the parking lot outside, and then doors slamming, and then more noise, and during all this I had to decide, do I want to go on this OBE ride, or should I stay 'here'? Well, personally I'm not comfortable going on an OBE while people are yelling, slamming doors, and throwing things in the parking lot and apartment next to me, so I aborted the mission. After that I didn't come close to another OBE, either as I was falling asleep, or later during the night. So one thing to note here is that there's a clear relationship between chanting, meditating, and OBEs, at least for me. The other thing I've been doing lately is going to bed earlier, probably because it's dark here so early. I finish up my work, have dinner, watch a little something for entertainment, and by 8 p.m. I start getting ready for bed. Before going to sleep I do the chanting and meditation, and then I'm in bed by 9-9:30p.m.. A couple of days I slept in until 7.a.m. or so, and that's what I wanted to note here: That extra sleep has led me to be 'over-rested', so during the last couple of nights I've been ready to get up by 3 a.m. or 5 a.m., and so this morning I finally did get up at 5-something.
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