Doug Collins concussion symptoms

October 24, 2010

After having a concussion last year, I wouldn't wish one on anyone else, but after seeing all these young football players have a concussion and then come back and play football 1-2 weeks later, I thought there must be something wrong with me and my brain. So in that regard it's interesting to me to read about 59-year-old former athlete Doug Collins concussion problems. From what I've learned, he suffered a concussion during a fall in a coffee shop on Memorial Day (late May), and is still dealing with symptoms in late October.

In my case I had symptoms for six months, they stopped for two months, then restarted for another 2-3 months before finally going away completely. The last symptoms were pretty intense migraine headaches near the area where I was hit, and after a nurse practitioner suggested I take large doses of vitamin B-2, the symptoms went away. (I had also just started taking Vitamin D when my doctor noticed a Vitamin D deficiency during routine, yearly bloodwork.)

All I can say is "Good luck and best wishes Mr. Collins." It seems like a concussion to a young brain is very different than a concussion to an older brain.

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