More visitor thoughts, fear, and naked men dancing around a fire

November 13, 2010
Once again I'm having that feeling of the spirit withdrawing from the body, and feeling more than ever like a "visitor" here, a visitor whose time is running out. It's a peculiar, but good, and hopefully healthy feeling, to realize your time here is limited. It helps to put a lot of focus on the little time you have here, and makes the visit even more special. (Some of these heightened feelings are almost surely due to my coming surgery and any fear/angst related to that. While I don't particularly fear death, I suppose most people do. I'm much more aware of a fear of pain, and a fear of being disabled and having to depend on others to get by.) In other news, as I was brushing my teeth I just had an overwhelming feeling of recalling a dream last night. The dream was of mostly naked men dancing around a fire, and I vividly recall seeing one of the men and thinking he looked an awful lot like me. I didn't record the dream last night, but as I was standing here in the bathroom just a few minutes ago there was this "wham!" feeling and instantaneous recall of it. In retrospect, what a bizarre dream.
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