Let the lucid dreams begin

November 15, 2010
As I prepare for another surgery this coming Friday, I've been spending more time meditating and listening to TMI recordings, and early last night I had my first lucid dream in several months. The dream was so lucid, in fact, that during the dream I said to myself, "I don't need to check to see if I'm awake, of course I'm awake", lol. Okay, maybe I'm a little rusty. Most importantly for me, the feeling was great, and it's wonderful to know that I can still do this when I try. In a separate dream later this morning, I also commenced to flying, though again only at low altitudes. I don't know why exactly I'm always stuck at low-altitude flying and hovering, but I suspect it's due to some physical health issues. One day I'll expand on this thought, but alas, right now I need to get to work.
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