Dream of a girl operated on, and observing an aircraft accident

December 2, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010, about 12:30 pm. Laid down in the recliner chair in my back room, this is the first or second stretch after my recent operation where I haven't felt horrible. I couldn't fall asleep at first, but eventually did.

Scene 1 - A room, a mirror/window, and a girl

I had a vision that I was looking into some sort of mirror, and in my reflection I was wearing something over my head, so I looked something like Big Bird, except with a shorter beak. (Not exactly Big Bird, but definitely a bird.) I thought it was funny, and when I opened my mouth I could somehow still see inside the mouth in the mirror, and inside the mouth was a painting that seemed like somebody screaming.

I thought this was funny, so I did this several times, but the last time I did it the mirror changed to a see-through glass pane, and on the other side was a naked young woman, slumped down in the fetal position, like she was dead, and had this glass panel in front of her, and a metal wall behind her. I didn't think she was dead, however. Instead, I had the impression she had just been operated on, and somehow it had something to do with me, like perhaps she was an organ donor for me (or perhaps I was for her). Next, I saw people grabbing her and pulling her up, and then the scene went dark.

After this I heard a door open behind me, and while I didn't see anything (I couldn't turn around to see?), I had the impression she was being brought into the room.

Notes: The vision of the girl was extremely vivid, but I couldn't make sense of it. I've just tried to report my impressions here.

Scene 2 - Observing an aircraft accident

That scene ended, and when a new scene started, I was on a high perch, and when I looked down in front of me, I saw some sort of aircraft that was upside down laying on the ground. It didn't look like it was damaged, or at least not much, but it was upside down, with the nose of the aircraft pointing away from me.

I kept assuming the craft was a space shuttle, though it appeared more like a plane. I think I assumed it was a space shuttle, because I couldn't think of any way for a normal airplane to fall to the ground like this, while I could imagine a space shuttle falling from its perch on the takeoff pad (or off a tow vehicle) and looking like this. (So I was thinking too much here instead of just the proper "observe and report" protocol.)

To the left of this vehicle was a warehouse building of some sort, and there were also a few people around the vehicle, perhaps firemen. The path where the planes were seemed relatively narrow, but I can't say too much about it.

Closer to me there was a second, smaller vehicle, which was much more likely to be a space shuttle. I was really thinking too much, but I wanted the larger vehicle to be an airplane, and this smaller vehicle to be a shuttle, but again, it is all spoiled by my thinking.

As I sat on my perch looking down on these vehicles, I had the impression of a tower to my immediate right, and then I had the impression of water dripping on my head. Just as I was ready to move to avoid the water, it went away, and I had the impression that there was some sort of swinging arm mechanism (a crane) over my head that was dripping, and it had just swung from one position to another.

Notes: Before my thinking kicked in, the initial scene of the aircraft on the ground was very vivid, and the impression of the water dripping on my head felt 100% like it would feel here.

Scene 3 - Other people join the scene

At this point my local scene changed in that I wasn't alone any more. My wife was to my right, an old friend named Marilyn was behind me and to me right, and an unknown person was immediately behind me.

In front of me and above me was Sarah Shahi, an actress from the tv shows The L Word and Life. I assumed that I thought of her because I had been thinking about the tv series Life before I fell asleep. She seemed very happy, and there was also a scene with two women in bikinis, and then they quickly faded away.

At this point I realized that I was starting to snore back here in the physical, and it began to affect my dream. In the dream I had the impression I was laying there with sunglasses on, and I have a couple of documents with me, large documents the size of a folded maps. Every time I kept snoring back here, I'd do whatever I could from the dream state to stop that, as I had the impression that the women around me could hear it.

At one point Marilyn said something to my wife about anagrams, and I got the impression she was some sort of expert with solving them.

Next, I decided to fold one of these documents I had in my hands. The document I was holding was a very nicely done document that showed a long, detailed history of my bloodwork, and how it had changed over the years. It was a full color, graphical chart, and I remember it being very impressive.

As I began to fold it I had to open it up large in front of me, and when I did so the person behind me grabbed part of it. Her right arm was to the right of my face, so I could see her forearm, and I could tell it was a large, white forearm. I asked very nicely to please let go of the document, and she wouldn't do so, which made me upset. I thought "Come on, don't tear it", and decided to release my right hand from the document, and immediately try to hit the woman on the fleshy area of her forearm just below the elbow, which has a tendency to make people lose their grip and otherwise numb there hand for a few moments. As I started to do this, and thought about the second step of trying to hit her head with my open hand, I woke up.

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