A large animal grabbing my hand

December 10, 2010
I woke up this morning to a dream where I was in the office of a friend who owns a company in Lexington, KY. In retrospect, I suspect I was thinking of him because yesterday I stumbled across a picture of his brother who was killed in a plane crash in Lexington back in 2006. In the dream, I was supposed to follow him into his office in one direction, but I made a wrong turn and ended up in another office, and this other office had several wild animals in it. One wild animal was a large animal, which I took to be a cougar (though it had relatively light fur). The cougar took my right hand in its mouth, but rather than bite me, it took my hand relatively gently, like a gentle tug, almost as though it wanted to play with me. I was afraid, though, and made it out of that office, caught up with my friend, who had set two Corona beers out for us, and I woke up. Later this morning, as I was leaving the apartment to run some errands, I ran into a neighbor who works with animals a lot. We talked about huskies for a while, and I told her that our first husky was very large for the breed, and in fact, is still the largest husky I have ever seen. I mentioned that we used to wonder if he had been cross-bred with a wolf, because of his size, and his occasional pacing behavior. My neighbor proceeded to tell me a story about working with a 240-pound wolf. The wolf, it turns out, has a particular behavior where he comes up to her, and gently grabs her hand in his mouth. He gently tugs on her hand, and this is his way of playing (or starting to play) with a human. She even reached over to tug on my hand to demonstrate how the wolf did this, though I felt like I already understood what she was saying, and what he did. Coincidence? Who knows. But think about this: If I hadn't run into my neighbor and had this conversation, that dream would have just come and gone, with no meaning whatsoever. That makes me wonder, how many dreams do I (we) have that have some sort of meaning that we're never allowed to understand?
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