Recent OBE thoughts

January 17, 2011

Recent events reminded me of this OBE, where my "second body" (astral body, energy body, etc.) was pulled from my physical body, and eventually landed in the backyard of a house where I was house-sitting for a friend. The recent questions are "How do you see in the second body?", and "How do you hear in the second body?"

The truth is I have no idea. I know I've "seen" things, like the cards I've seen not only in real-time, but also twelve and twenty-four hours into the future. I had the "guard dog" OBE where I drifted out of my physical body to look around the cabin I was staying in to find out what a noise was that I heard. (In that one I drifted out of the physical body, drifted downstairs, looked around the cabin, and then came back to my physical body upstairs.)

I was going to write down some hypotheses here tonight, but they really aren't formed well enough in my mind to share at this point. The only things I can state are that I've had these OBEs where I've (a) seen, (b) heard, and (c) felt things in this physical world we call home, and I've experienced 10-20 events that have come true within twenty four hours (airplanes, oil spills, cards, etc.). So there are obviously things about time, energy, and even physical existence we don't understand.

(And yes, I know that's not very helpful, lol. I'll try to work on that.)

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