Blood tearing out of an eye

January 24, 2011
Two nights ago I had the "thought" that the Chicago Bears might have to rely on their backup quarterbacks, Todd Collins and Caleb Hanie, but since I didn't write that here or tell anyone else, all I can do is report this after the fact. Of more immediate concern is a dream this morning about my sister-in-law and her daughter having some sort of issue where they were bleeding from their left eye. It started with my sister-in-law, who did something where she was kind of leaning over backwards, and as she came back up I thought she was crying or otherwise dripping wet. But as I looked at her eye, it seemed that there was blood coming out of the eye, like tears, but pretty fast tears. The usual problem happens here in that if this was any sort of premonition, was she simply crying, and something in my emotions or the last 36 hours turned her tears into blood? Or was this just another dream that doesn't come true? The thing that makes this dream stand out is that it happened right before I woke up, and in fact, it woke me up when I decided it was blood. Dreams that I have when I'm well-rested, including right before waking up, seem to come true more often than other dreams. I mentioned that this happened with my niece after it happened with my sister-in-law. Unfortunately I'm a little too far away from this now, and I can't remember how my niece became involved in this, other than I saw her after I saw her mother in the dream, and she was having the same issue of blood tearing out of her left eye. In the weirdness of the universe, I find that when I tell people about my dreams or otherwise record them here they tend not to come true, and since I don't want anything like this to come true I thought I'd share this dream here.
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