Dreams of two Shirleys

January 27, 2011
Two night's ago (January 24, 2011) I dreamed of some relatives I haven't seen in about thirty years. Their names are AJ, Shirley, and Gene. The only things I really remember from the dream was seeing AJ first, and Shirley was pregnant. I think the third person was Gene, but it may have been Shirley's husband, Paul. Last night I dreamed of an aunt named Shirley. Actually, I didn't dream of her directly; I dreamed that I was in some sort of room, and my sisters were looking in through a window in a door and crying. When I tried to ask them what was wrong, they either said "Shirley was dead", or "Aunt Shirley was dead". With that, I woke up. I haven't had any dreams like this in a couple of years, and I sure don't wish death on anyone. The last time I dreamed of death, it was of my grandfather. It was December of 2008, and I dreamed of walking and talking to him, and then him getting in a gold cart and driving off down the grass and then disappearing. I should say I took that to mean death, or that it felt like a symbol of death. He didn't pass away overnight, but he did die within three weeks of that dream. These dreams have happened several times with relatives, but I'm also happy to say that there were a few dreams I interpreted to mean death that did not come true. But I hope you can see that with this happening several times, I jumped a little bit today each time the phone rang.
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