Telepathy and coincidence

January 30, 2011

Here's a story for you:

Let's say that I tell you that on the same night I had an OBE at my old house (the house my wife and I lived at), I also saw one of my dogs have something like a seizure. He was flailing around uncontrollably, and dying, and no matter how hard I tried, there was nothing I could do to save him.

Then let's say that some time later, that same dog actually did have an incident like this. It was apparently a stroke, not a seizure, but it went just like I saw it, and it did end up killing him.

Is that some form of telepathy, or just coincidence?

Now, let me add some more details. I "saw" him have this seizure in the living room of that old house. When I house-sat for my wife after our separation, I used to like to take one of our spare mattresses out, throw it on the living room floor, and sleep there next to the dogs. This also made it easier for this dog, who usually had to go outside at least once a night. So when I had my vision of him having this seizure, I was laying there on the mattress on the living room floor, and that's where I saw him have this seizure.

In "reality", he had his stroke in the back of my wife's car over a year later, perhaps two years later (I haven't looked up the exact dates of the events). She was driving him to the vet, and he apparently had a stroke while in the back seat of the car. He was flailing around in the car, just like I saw him struggling on the floor, and my wife had to pull over to first see what was happening, and then try to help him any way she could. By this time I was no longer living in that state, and he died a few days later following that stroke.

For the record, this dog had never had a seizure or stroke before, and there was nothing in his history to indicate that he ever would. All of our previous dogs had essentially died of "old age", meaning they got very, very sick, and at some point when it seemed very, very bad, we decided to euthanize them. None of them ever had a stroke.

Given all these facts as I know them, again, is there any form of telepathy here, or just sheer coincidence?

It actually took me until tonight, about six months after his death, to even think about making a connection between what I saw and what actually happened. I was just thinking that I haven't had any phone calls from the family about my aunt (which is a good thing), when I remember this "vision" from a few years ago, and connected it to what happened a few months ago.

Also, for the record, I alluded to this dream about my dog in this 2008 post, Do we get echoes.

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