A recurring nightmare of evil

February 18, 2011
A few nights ago, Sunday night, I think, I had a recurring nightmare. I've had this dream/nightmare for as long as I can recall, certainly at least for the last 15-20 years. In short, I walk into a room in a home, try to turn on a light switch, and the lights fail to work. I flip the switch up and down, it doesn't work, and then a feeling of dread comes over me, and I know something bad is going to happen, or that there's some form of evil around me. On this night the nightmare was pretty much the same. I walked into a bedroom, tried to turn on the lights, and they failed to work. As I'm more lucid in my dreams these days, I immediately realized what was happening, and looked around. I saw a closet door partially open, and then I yelled, "Get the fuck out of the closet right now." Most of the closet door was obscured from my view, but I could see the top 6-12" of it, and I saw it open, and then knew that someone was walking around the wall that was obstructing my view. I was prepared to do battle with whatever was coming out of the closet, but I couldn't turn my body or say anything else, and in my effort to turn my body to face whatever this thing was, I woke up. As far as I could see before I woke up, the thing in the closet was a human with long gray hair, kinda like the creepy guy in the Twin Peaks movie or tv series. That being said, I only saw its head for an instant, so I don't know anything else about it. On a related note, I usually prepare for my dreams these days. Before going to sleep I remind myself that I can fly, I can throw fire, blow things up, etc. That's one thing that gave me confidence to face this "evil", where in all previous occurrences of this recurring nightmare I've just been scared.
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