"Wrong eyes"

March 2, 2011
"Wrong eyes." That's what I said to myself last night during a lucid dream. I had become lucid during a dream, made a decision to go flying, and after I zoomed over the tree tops things got dark. Thinking my dream eyes might be closed, I thought to myself, "Open your eyes", and when I did, I found myself staring at the bedroom ceiling. With that I thought, "Wrong eyes", closed my body's eyes, and went back to the dream. As for the dream setup last night, there wasn't anything special. We've had very windy conditions here lately, and with the windows rattling all night I've been sleeping in a makeshift bed in the hallway. Around midnight I realized the wind had died down, so I got up and went to my normal bed in the bedroom. Everything else was very normal, and I didn't make any special effort to have a lucid dream or OBE last night.
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