A girl on the phone

March 16, 2011

There is a certain sleep time for me that almost always produces "bad dreams". If I were a child they would be called nightmares, but because I'm a little older these days we'll just call them bad dreams.

As for the time, that's easy. It's the time when I know I've had enough sleep, and I should get up, but for some reason I decide to stay in bed. This morning it happened because I woke up at 5am, wide awake, but didn't feel like getting up, so I went back to sleep.

I proceeded to have a dream about a young girl who was calling me, and was presumably attempting to commit suicide, or at least that's how it was interpreted within the dream.

She called a place where I used to work, twice, on the premise of a job interview, but by the end of the second call it was very obvious something was wrong. She was "out of it", and eventually quit responding as I tried to talk to her. The people I worked with convinced me to hang up the phone on her, and we called the phone company, had them do whatever it is they do to get the girl's phone number.

Dream details

The dream happened in a company where I worked in the early 1990s in Kentucky. Many of my co-workers from that time were there, along with a few other people. While I was on the phone, people around me were eating homemade cookies, like there was a party in the office of some type.

The girl's first name sounded something like "Maurice", but without the end of the name, so something like "Maury", though that isn't right.

Assuming this dream is connected to the dream that immediately preceded it, the girl is between 20-22 years of age. I got that from overhearing a doctor talking about a young girl. He said that while this particular incident was reported as an accident, he definitely did not think it was an accident.

Dream interpretation

I think the dream(s) can be interpreted in a variety of ways. First, most people would say it's meaningless stuff in the brain working itself out.

Second, a girl in Kentucky in the 1990s may have tried to commit suicide.

Third, a girl in Kentucky right now may be contemplating the same thing.

Fourth, a girl in the area where I currently live may be contemplating this.

Fifth, it may relate to someone else I knew when she was growing up, a friend whose details I won't share here.

Sixth, a friend of a friend did commit suicide about two weeks ago in Kentucky. She had been sick with cancer for a long time.

Seventh, I could be very seriously misinterpreting the dream. All I know was that the girl was very groggy, I was trying to talk to her, but she was making less and less sense, and finally she quit responding.

The hard part for me in dreams is that things get screwed up so easily. I remember one dream from many years ago where the lawn at the house where I grew up became flooded with what I interpreted to be black water or ink. When I woke up and turned on the news, there had been a big oil spill in a nearby river in Kentucky.

It seems like dream locations have meanings, and the home where I grew up has meaning to me, as demonstrated in that dream, and many others. This place where I used to work also has a certain meaning.

In the end it may all mean nothing, other than you begin your day on a major downer. In the last part of the dream someone hands the phone back to me, and says something like "It's your choice", and I wake up.

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