A simple OBE recipe

March 20, 2011

After another near-OBE this afternoon (I got too excited, lol), I thought I'd share a simple OBE recipe here, in case I haven't shared it here before:

  1. Make your your house/apartment is quiet, and you know you won't be interrupted.
  2. Go to the bathroom. Whether you think you need to or not, empty your bladder.
  3. Lay down, take a nap.
  4. When you wake up, don't move much, and don't get out of bed.
  5. Just lay there, and try to stay on the edge of barely sleeping and barely being awake. Let yourself fall a little more asleep, then a little more, but hold it as long as you can.
  6. If you fall asleep, when you wake up, do the same thing again.

I won't say this works all the time, even for me, but it does work a lot of times for me. If nothing else, repeated attempts build the neural paths in your brain that will eventually allow for you to experience an OBE (or many OBE's).

While laying there ...

After you wake up from your nap, while you're laying there, don't try to think about anything, other than perhaps relaxing. Hopefully you've had a nice rest, and your brain is quiet at this time, so this is a perfect time to just lay there, like at the end of a yoga class.

As Robert Monroe says in his first book, having repeated exposures to this state of being able to lay there, relaxed, motionless, without thought, is what eventually leads people to OBE/OOBE experiences.

Today I got a little too excited when I started feeling the usual sensations, plus a dog across the street was barking a lot, so I didn't go anywhere. Once the feelings started, I tried a couple of techniques like the "log roll", but I was just too active in everything. But again, I take satisfaction in carving out those neural paths in the brain that I know will help me achieve more out of body experiences in the future.

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