Physical and mental state leading to the card experiment success

May 9, 2011

As I tend to forget things and then repeat the same mistakes, I thought I'd make a note of what I have been doing in the last several days that led up to this morning's success with the card experiment.

Physical state

Physically, in the last week or so I have:

Based on my experience at the Monroe Institute, I know I would be better off not having any caffeine, but I wasn't really planning on this, so I've been drinking coffee and Mountain Dew as usual.

Mental state

Mentally, I have been:

I've been reading this book out of curiosity and then interest, while watching the Dead Zone episodes to help keep my mind open. There's so much skepticism about this type of work and experience that all the positive reinforcement you can get is helpful. FWIW, I never say "I know this is real", I just say "Keep an open mind, let things happen". I also always say "Observe and report", because I know that once you let your emotions get involved in an experience, the results will be skewed (wrong).

I've also been meditating for a few minutes every morning and evening. Morning meditation has been formal sitting, while evening meditation has involved light yoga work, wile essentially meditating in the same way, breathing in "Clear mind", and exhaling "Don't know", which I learned in the ZMSS books.

Using An Experiment With Time

The book An Experiment With Time has been a real key here in opening my mind again. While it's a very difficult read, the author does two things very well. First, he shares his dreaming experiments, so as I keep reading of his success, I'm reminded of my own past success, and encouraged by his experiences. He also states a mathematical case for how time works, and rather saying that any of this is abnormal, he instead says, "It's perfectly normal, and here's how it works."

Another great book for inducing this mental state is Autobiography of a Yogi. Again, it's a tough read, but it puts you in the right mental frame of mind that yes, this can be done, and has been done by others.

As a final note on my mental state, there was nothing extraordinary about last night. As I got ready for bed, I thought, "His experiments were very good, but they almost require a unique event tomorrow; I'll just jump back into the card experiment, it's a much more direct approach."

I don't know if I'll be able to have the same mental attitude tonight, but last night I just set out to do it. It wasn't, "By gosh, I'm going to do this if it kills me", it was just "Set up the experiment, get in bed, meditate, plan to do this, record my dreams as the night goes along, and hey, we have the two of hearts." All just "matter of fact" thinking.

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