Precognition and The Theory of Relativity

May 11, 2011

Note: The ideas discussed here are a work in progress. As a spoiler, when I get to the end of this post I don’t know how a thing made of pure energy (no physical matter, just energy) would work in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I know it would be a very different frame of reference than our normal human condition, and it would observe Time and Space differently than our physical body, but I don’t know how.

Introduction: “An Experiment With Time”

I just finished reading through page 78 of a good book named “An Experiment With Time.” On this page the author has just finished talking about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, with several figures related to Space and Time. I can tell from the title of the next page that we’re about to get into his own theory of “Serial Time.”

Before I start reading those pages I want to write something here that the author has not covered to this point. When he discussed the Theory of Relativity, he covered it like most people do, talking about a “physical observer” and how that observer sees things in his own frame of reference (perhaps riding on a train), and how a separate observer might see things a little differently (perhaps riding on a space ship).

While the author has had many precognitive experiences himself, the point I think he’s missed is that what we consider to be a “human being” may actually not be one single observer, but two observers.

The first observer

The first observer is obvious, it’s this human being that was given a name at birth, and at the present moment his body is sitting here, typing these words into a text editor. As the book states, this physical human being is clearly a four-dimensional being, not just moving through the three dimensions of Space, but also through the dimension of Time. (I never considered myself to be four-dimensional until reading this book, so kudos for that.)

The second observer

The second observer may only be obvious to people who have had out of body experiences (OBEs). A person who has had many OBEs — and who has proven this ability to himself through the card tests I’ve written about on this website — easily accepts the notion that a physical human being also has a “second body.”

From what I’ve read, people who have had these experiences refer to this second using these different names:

When I use the word “soul" here, I’m clearly in line with many religions who believe in the concept of a soul, so if people can’t relate to an astral body and OBEs, I think they can at least relate to the concept of a soul from their religious beliefs.

Characteristics of the second body

Even though I’ve had more than 100 OBEs now, I know very little about the second body, but I can share these “facts” that I have learned about it:

This next point is important, but it’s also speculation, as I have no way to prove this:

The second body, and Einstein

Einstein’s most famous equation is “E = mc^2”, where:

If the second body is indeed pure energy I’m not sure how to interpret this equation, but I suspect it means that the second body can travel at the speed of light (or perhaps the speed of light, squared).

Getting back to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the initial part of my theory is this:

A human being is really two observers. The first observer is the physical body, consisting of arms, legs, eyes, and so on. Without a motor vehicle, the speed of the human body is rather slow, except for the fact that we are on the planet Earth, which is a) rotating, b) revolving around the Sun, and c) flying through the Universe as part of the Milky Way galaxy.

The second observer is the human being’s “energy body,” which may have the characteristic of consisting of pure energy. As such, the speed of the energy body is the speed of light (or approaches the speed of light, or the speed of light squared).

Using Einstein’s railroad analogy, a human’s Physical Body is on one train, moving at some slow speed. At the same time, the human’s Energy Body is on one of the fastest rocket ships ever invented.

My theory

Sadly, Im not smart enough to wrap this up properly, but my theory goes something like this:


I’d like to contact some people who understand the Theory of Relativity, and who may also know what it would mean to have a being made of pure energy. I don't have anything else to add here at this time, other than I’ll report back here when I learn anything else.

As a final note I’ll say that I know that I’ve only touched on some things vaguely in this article, but if you’ve read what I’ve written on this website this document will make sense, at least from my frame of reference.

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