Long night, long dreams

June 6, 2011

Last night was one of those nights where you go to bed at 11pm, have long, epic dreams all night, wake up feeling incredibly refreshed, and then find it's only 6:30am. Worse than that, I almost got up much earlier, feeling like I normally do, which is to say not 100% refreshed, but needing to get to work.

The last dream that happened in between the time I almost got up and the time I did finally get up was epic all by itself. It started with football tryouts, working with a teacher I haven't seen in thirty years (journalism teacher) and some other students, going downstairs, stopping kids from breaking into the building through a window several times, and then that scene morphing into me trying to help a very old man walk, but to no avail, as he collapsed on the ground.

He himself had one epic (I hate to keep using that word, but it's right) coughing and gagging spell that brought on my own gag reflex. He told me something before presumably dying, when he then turned into a dog I was holding. The poor dog wanted to lick my face, but after all that coughing and gagging there was no way I was going to let that happen. This scene reminded of an earlier dream where I rescued some dogs that were in a very bad situation, but alas, if I write about that dream I'll just have to keep writing about the whole night, and there's no time for that this morning.

There were no special keys to setting up a night like this, just the usual of trying to exercise, meditate a little, and a little yoga before bed. Really, my stomach has been upset for the last two days, so I was amazed I didn't have dreams of being tortured all night. Sleep was very uncomfortable at first, and at several points during the night when I woke up I felt too energetic too sleep, but was also tired enough to sleep (if that makes any sense).

I suspect the teacher I saw in my dreams wasn't really the teacher from thirty years ago, and the old man in the dreams wasn't really my grandfather. Instead, I'll guess they started as someone/something else, and my attachments to those people morphed the original people into who I wanted them to be. But that's just a guess, a feeling.

As a final note for myself, I haven't had any alcohol in quite a while now, and if I would stop drinking caffeine I suspect that would help me in the dream area.

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