Lucid dreams, Inception, and the totem

June 8, 2011

I felt a little sick this afternoon, so I decided to just take the rest of the day off. This was somewhere around 2pm. So I grabbed a sheet and quickly fell asleep in my reclining chair. Surprisingly, I fell into some lucid dreams, though they weren't lucid at first.

They began with me looking out a window from an apartment, maybe on the second or third story of an apartment building. Based on the streets I'll say I was in a city somewhere. What made me think it was an apartment was that as I turned I saw many of my things set up in the room.

I'm writing this blog post about seven hours after the dream, so at this point I don't remember why, but I began moving through the apartment. I'm not sure it had anything to do with the police, but I was looking for something. As I began moving through the apartment I began to realize this was a recurring dream. I went to the back door to check it, and as usual it was a door with openings on the sides, so even though I could lock the door, anyone in the outer hallway could easily see into the apartment, or probably even reach in and unlock the door and let themselves in. I've seen this many times before, and it even feels like I saw this yesterday in another dream.

After that I found myself in a back room, which is essentially like a hotel bedroom. There are two separate beds along one wall, and a door in that wall that leads to a bathroom, and the door is between the two beds. There's also a wall-mounted air-conditioner in the room, and when I come into the room, the lights are all on, and the air conditioner is running. This upsets me, because I now remember that my wife left, but left everything on.

I turn off the air conditioner and then go into the bathroom, and at this point I become completely lucid in the dream. I tested myself earlier, but I wasn't conscious enough to pass those tests, but this time I do pass the test, and realize I'm dreaming.

I look in the mirror, and the reflection in the mirror changes several times. Each time it's a male with dark hair, but in between each transition it comes back to what I look like now. One reflection that stands out clearly is of a man with shoulder-length hair.

I decide to fool around in the dream, and so I touch the mirror. Not satisfied with just touching it, I push my finger into the mirror and through it, and then pull it back out again. I continue playing games like this, and for the first time in a while I use my PK abilities to move things without touching them. At some point I finally become a little too conscious, and I wake up, and it's about 4:30pm.

Still not feeling well, after walking around briefly, I go back to sleep, and don't wake up again until 8pm. I rented Inception earlier this afternoon while grocery shopping, and as I watch it, I especially enjoy the 'totem' part. Whoever wrote that knew what they were doing. When you have multi-level dreams it's very easy to get lost in them, hard to tell them from reality, and you need some sort of test to know that you're really awake. Kudos to whoever wrote that movie.

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