Wielding a long knife in a garage

June 10, 2011
My sleep ended this morning with a dream of my brother-in-law wielding a long knife in front of him, perhaps 12" long or so. He wasn't moving it in a threatening manner, but he kept moving it so it was pointing left, then right, then back to left again. I believe we were in the garage at the home where I grew up, with the garage door open to my left (and his right), with light coming in from behind and above him. This afternoon, around 4:30pm, I went downstairs, and for the first time in nearly six weeks I ran into my neighbor. She was working outside, planting some flowers. I stopped and talked to her for a little while. At some point I noticed she was wielding a very similar 12" knife in front of her, moving it in front of her from right to left and back again while we talked. She was using the long knife to cut up some styrofoam pieces she was using for her flower planting. As we spoke we were in front of our fourplex, the upstairs deck and carport were mostly covering us, but at that time the sun was shining through an open area and kept reflecting off her knife, and the glimmers of the knife are what kept catching my eye. Between the deck, the carport roof, and the building being on my right side, I could easily see where this could feel like being in a garage. This is just another one of those coincidences you run into between dreams and the waking world that make you wonder. It would be easy to dismiss if it were just seeing a long knife, but combined with the movement of the knife, the light and the reflection of the light, and the enclosed garage-like feeling really seem to stack the odds against coincidence.
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