An OBE and an upset stomach

June 12, 2011
I was going to write this post as a bit of a conversational story, but time is short today, so ... last night I started to have an OBE several times, but I had to stop it and it also stopped itself because I had an upset stomach. One of the drawbacks of having my gallbladder removed is that from time to time I eat the wrong thing, and it takes my digestive system a while to sort things out. The good news is I was able to get into the state of having an OBE fairly easily. I've just been meditating for a few minutes every morning and evening, and last night around 8pm I decided to start listening to some Monroe recordings while sitting in the recliner. The first few times I just fell asleep, but then when I went to bed around 11pm, I was able to listen to one of the recordings entirely without falling asleep. I knew then that I was rested enough that this might happen, but I also knew my stomach was upset. Sure enough, an OBE started to happen, and I pretty much had to say, "Wait, wait", and tried to move around to get comfortable. It started again, but I was still uncomfortable, and after several rounds of this I finally just fell asleep, though I was uncomfortable and restless all night. So, today is all about light eating, drinking lots of fluids, and trying to make my digestive system happy again. As another note, I think that getting my body physically healthy again has been an important part of making it conducive for me to have an OBE. I do think it's possible to have OBEs when you're not feeling well or not super healthy (I proved that in the summer of 2007), but many of my strongest OBEs happened when I was younger and much more physically fit than I am these days.
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