Three visits from a dog

July 7, 2011
After spending a few hours in the mountains yesterday, including at least an hour meditating, I could feel that something would happen last night. It's that special feeling of "not being grounded" where you know that you'll probably have an OBE. Little did I expect a visit from a dog. But after laying in bed and slowly falling asleep, the magical "whatever it is that happens", happened, and I soon found a dog standing next to my bed, just looking at me. I think it was a gray Siberian Husky, so I thought maybe it was my old dog Rocky, but the truth is, I have no idea who/what it was. Usually when a dog stands next to the bed while I'm sleeping that means they have to go out, but I figured this dog didn't really need to go out. I tried to figure it out for a little while, but eventually just fell asleep. One point I wanted to make here is that when this happens and I can tell that someone or something else is in the room with me, there is a very different feeling to the world. It's a little like when people say that the hair on the arms stands up when they're frightened, or think that a ghost is in the room with them. I'm not sure if there's a sound -- I'll try to pay attention to that when this happens again -- but it's definitely a "magical" feeling, a little like a doorway into another universe has opened, and you're very aware of it. I know that every once in a while when this goes wrong -- maybe once every few years -- the feeling is horrible, like a door to Hell has opened up, and I fight as hard as I can to wake up. But nights like last night, I know it's happening, and I don't fear it, and then in this case, for some reason there's a dog standing next to my bed. Getting back to the events of the night, the same scenario happened twice more during the night, with me laying in bed and the dog standing next to me. I remember asking it something, but I don't remember what. Unfortunately the batteries are dead on my recording device so I didn't make any notes during the night, because now I'd like to know what I asked. I do recall wanting the dog to be Zeus, even though it appeared to be a gray dog like Rocky, but it wasn't Zeus. I wonder if it has anything to do with a friend who is coming over today. One of her dogs passed away about six weeks ago. But really, I have no idea what was happening. I do recall a friend named 'B' from Tennessee being in a dream just before or after one of these events, but without any notes I'd just be guessing about a relationship there. As one final note, I kept expecting their to be some sort of telepathic communication, but there wasn't. The dog just stood there and kept looking at me, and I kept looking at it, wondering what it wanted. Follow-Up: A day later, and I think I understand the meaning of the dog visits. I won't write about them here out of respect for the privacy of others, but I think I "get it" now.
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