School tests, coming soon

July 10, 2011
After several nights of "special effects", last night was a quiet night of just plain dreaming. I didn't go to sleep until almost midnight, and these days going to sleep that late usually means I won't have any OBEs. When I was in my twenties and thirties I used to be able to go to bed drunk at midnight and wake up at 2-3am with vibrations and OBEs, but at this age things don't work like that any more. If you've ever read the Carlos Castaneda books, don Juan talks about "energy" from time to time, and now I know what he means. The short story on last night's dreams is that they are again not 'recurring' but 'ongoing'. In one set of dreams I've been having I need to take some tests -- either high school or college tests -- and as I learned this morning, I'm now just a few days away from having to take these tests. The bummer about the tests is that I have no idea what they're about, and when a girl asked me if I was ready for them, I just kind of shrugged and told her I had no idea. I'm debating about staying awake all week so I can avoid them. :) That dream rolled right into a dream that involved a helicopter or small plane crash. I was near the scene of the crash, and although the pilot survived the crash, he was quickly engulfed in fire, and screamed to me not to save him. I assumed this was because he didn't want to live with his entire body burned like that, but again, that was my assumption. I woke up right after that.
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