Alarm goes off in my head while sleeping

July 18, 2011

I've had a ton of dreams lately, including some levitating and light flying dreams, but I've been too busy to record them. One dream stands out from last night however.

The setup for the dream is like this: Over the last week I've been helping a friend try to move her business website from one hosting provider to another. Last night at 9pm we received an email that said the final switch might happen in the next two hours, but if often takes up to 48 hours. After receiving this email, I turned on a simple program that would notify me when the switch happened, so I could wake up and test the site to make sure everything was okay.

So I went to sleep last night, and slept very lightly, checking the website once at midnight to see if the switch had happened yet. Some time later I heard an alarm go off, but it wasn't the computer program I wrote to wake me up. The alarm/ringtone I heard woke me up within the dream state, and as I laid there in the dream state I listened to the "alarm", and realized it was a creation of my own brain/mind. It wasn't the software alarm I wrote, and it wasn't my phone ringing. I was awake enough to know that.

I woke myself up, picked up the phone and looked at it to be sure it wasn't my programmed alarm. I debated about whether to get up and check the website, but I was tired, and decided to go back to sleep. But after a while guilt got the better of me, and I got up, checked the website, and sure enough, the switch had happened. My software program failed to notify me for some reason, so maybe, just maybe, my brain/mind jumped in with a ringtone of its own to wake me up and alert me to the switch. (I then proceeded to test the website and email access, as I promised.)

Of course the last part of that story about where the alarm came from is speculation, but the facts are:

The truth is, I don't know why the alarm/ringtone went off in my head, but I appreciate that it did.

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