Planes being shot down, precognition

July 20, 2011

For most of last night I considered the evening to be a severe disappointment. The setup yesterday was so perfect, I thought for sure I'd have one or more OBEs.

Yesterday morning at 11am I was sure I was about to have an OBE, except for the minor detail that I was driving a car, so I had to force myself to stay focused to make sure that didn't happen. (Usually before I have an OBE I know I'm going to have one, and that's what this feeling was.)

Earlier in the morning I realized that for the first time in many days my stomach wasn't upset. Throughout the day I kept reminding myself to "pay attention", and in the evening there was an electrical problem in the neighborhood, so instead of watching a tv show or movie on Netflix, I picked up my old "Zen Training" book, and read through it, including a part where the author wrote that paying attention is more important than having a poor kensho experience. I felt happy that I constantly reminded myself during the day to pay attention.

On top of this, in the afternoon I also took a long, tiring bike ride, and in the two previous nights I had dreams of flying and psychokinetic experiences. In summary, everything was set up as well as possible for me to have an OBE last night, and as I laid perfectly still in bed and not falling asleep last night, I was sure one would happen. And then, nothing.

Well, at one point I thought something might happen, because I was starting to dream while I was still awake, but then the loud dog across the street started barking like crazy. After that the boredom came, and I thought maybe I was trying too hard, so I gave up, rolled over, and fell asleep.

During the night

I woke up several times during the night and rolled over, but in terms of dreams, it was an extremely quiet night for me, with no dreams of any consequence. Until about 5am I was very disappointed in the night.

After a bathroom break at that time, I came back to bed, and the action began.

A long dream sequence

The dream begins with me being in an open area in a flat town. There's one small mountain/hill peak just outside the town, but the town otherwise seems flat, with no tall skyscraper buildings.

As I'm standing there, several fast aircraft fly in the sky, moving from my left and behind me (roughly 7 or 8 o'clock) and flying to my right (at roughly 1 or 2 o'clock), and they're under heavy fire. Whatever is being shot at them is also coming from behind me and to me left. The planes attempt to make some maneuvers in the sky, pulling up and trying to go to the right, but they are shot down, and then I suddenly realize that I, and the people near me, might be in the debris field, and we all start running to take cover.

For some reason this same experience repeats itself once or twice more in my dreams, like I'm trying to rewind a movie and watch it for more details. I also realize this is a recurring dream, and I try to remember that I need to write that down when I wake up. I come to believe the planes are some sort of hypersonic vehicles, and they're being stolen by someone, and "our" military is shooting down the planes. Finally, I get past this scene.

A bedroom and a kitchen

Next, I'm in what I perceive to be a bedroom with a woman I believe to be my wife. We move out to a common area that is something like an open kitchen, and my wife's sister is there, along with another woman. I begin to tell them about another dreamlike experience I've had, and how unusual it was. (Unfortunately as I'm awake now, I can't recall the details I told them.)

This seems unremarkable, just a story about a really interesting dream, until another woman bursts into the room and says, "You'll never believe what just happened", and she goes on to describe everything I just described to these other women. I'm almost in shock, because the events I described were so unusual that it just seemed like a fantastic dream, but then this woman came in and said they all just happened.

I went back into the bedroom to be alone and to try to fathom what just happened, and as I'm idly changing my shirt, I hear my wife and sister-in-law talking. I feared that they might think I was crazy, but instead they were recounting and validating the events I described before the other woman came in. I remember being happy that they didn't think I was crazy, but I also note that their voices have a very serious tone to them. Their talk isn't, "Wow, can you believe that", it's more a detailed recounting of what I said and what the woman said, like they're double-checking my story to make sure I got the facts right.

After their discussion my wife comes into the room and starts telling me about two weapons that she had brought with her, which I perceived to be some sort of rifles or shotguns. I'm trying to understand the weapons, and then ...

An open lobby

The scenery suddenly changed, and I found myself in an open area, like in the main lobby of a multi-story building. There are laptop computers and a collection of ad-hoc cables strewn around the room. The front of the lobby is all glass windows, and I remember trying to find my current MacBook computer. (I mention this because my consciousness briefly mixes my concern of leaving my laptop in my current life with whatever is happening in this lobby.) The lobby floor is hard like marble, and not carpeted.

Next, I follow a tall man to a bathroom, where he proceeds to kill another man, take his clothes, and leave the other man dead in a stall. (Did he not see me, or was I an accomplice?) As he finishes dressing, a woman in a military outfit comes in and goes in a different direction, and then two extremely tall men come in and talk to the first man. The first man looked a lot like the man he killed, and all three men were so tall I felt like I was in a land of giants. All of the men were fairly fit, the man who killed the other man had dark hair and a mustache, and the two extremely tall men were clean shaven with either blond or white hair that was combed straight back.

We all left the bathroom, and as I went right, back to the lobby, the other men apparently went left. (The woman may have also gone with them, I don't remember her role.) As I went back to the lobby I noticed bloody shoeprints in the hall. They were subtle, but they were there. I was in the lobby briefly, just looking around, and then the scene changed again...

A parking lot

Next I found myself in what I perceived to be in a dark, open parking area, though there weren't many vehicles in the area. At first my wife and her sister were with me, but then I became very interested in a woman and her son who were sitting in a van. The woman was very despondent, and I was concerned for her safety and the safety of the boy.

I went to the van, got them out of the van, and I focused on talking to the boy to make sure he was okay. He had a blanket wrapped around him, and as I talked to him, I realized the woman was gone. I told the boy to stay there, and I would find her.

I came around the side of the van and saw a large number of people walking up and over a small dirt hill at the edge of the open lot. I ran to catch up with them, and when I got to the top of the hill I started looking around for the woman. I finally saw her in a group of people, and to my surprise, I saw that my wife and her sister seemed to be leading everyone. Then I blacked out.

On a ship

I regained consciousness on the floor of a room that is mostly plastic, with a rubbery, non-slip sort of floor. Getting up to my feet, I feel groggy. Realizing there's a window in the room, I look out the window, and see a huge outstretch of mountains or rocky hills beneath me. This views seems to go on for miles and miles, as far as I can see. I'm apparently looking out a window from inside an airplane, though with that thought, I realize there is no turbulence at all.

Turning away from the window, I found a door behind me, open it, and step out into a hallway, which I'm surprised to find empty. Not knowing which way to go, I look left and right, then hear some voices coming from an area to my right. I walk right, turn left, go through some swinging doors, and find an older woman cooking something. Suddenly realizing I'm extremely hungry, I pick up a sliced piece of meat, and take a few bites from it.

I want to ask the woman where I am, but then another swinging door opens up, and a small group of people come into the room, led by an older man, and a black dog. The dog comes to me immediately and starts licking my chin. Then the old man says to me, "Congratulations! Have you ever done anything like that before?!"

I can only recount what I've written here, so I ask him, "What have I done? Where am I?", and he tells me that everything I "saw" had come true, and with the daredevil acts of the woman with the weapons, everyone and everything was saved. (He used the word "derelict" instead of daredevil, but I thought maybe daredevil was what he meant.)

I try to recount my version of the story, but I'm still very groggy, and the man keeps saying, "Don't worry about it, you saw everything, you did it right, you won the prize. Everyone is safe."

There's a feeling of celebration in the room around me, but I still can't piece it all together. I recall all the scenes I've just recounted here, but with the blackout periods I can't piece it all together, and I'm hoping that once everyone stops celebrating they'll tell me what happened.

And then I wake up. It's 6:45am.

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