The man who would rather meditate than have margaritas with three women

July 21, 2011

Over the last five years there have been many, many examples that "timing is everything", and of those I can share, no example is truer than this afternoon.

While on my usual afternoon bike ride I passed three young women who were also out for a ride, but at a slower pace. It took a few moments to pass them, and as I did they mentioned that they were discussing margaritas.

I immediately had at least three thoughts:

We chatted about margaritas briefly, and then I rode off. But then I had to pass them later after I took a short detour, and we again discussed the virtues of a nice cold margarita after a warm afternoon bike ride.

"Old me" would have been glad to ride with them for a while, keep talking about margaritas, and see if they were seriously going out tonight. Believe me, the thought certainly crossed my mind, especially when I came across them the second time.

But today's version of me managed to say there's something else I have to do, and I wished them well, and continued my ride.

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