Moving the bed = new dreams

September 9, 2011

Just a quick note that due to a variety of circumstances, I ended up sleeping in a different area of the apartment last night, and as usual, my dreams seemed to change very dramatically, and were very vivid. The dreams themselves are irrelevant, but the point I want to make is that this happens very often, I move the bed and the dreams change.

Since noticing this myself some time ago, I went back and re-read some old books, and found references to a certain "boredom" that comes from doing too many OBE or remote viewing experiments. Without some new stimuli, the process becomes too routine, and routine is not good for the process. You can find a discussion on this in one of Joseph McMoneagle's books, and also in another book I can't currently remember the name of.

So, if you're feeling "stuck", and you're in a situation where you can easily change where you sleep, give it a shot one night. I wouldn't do it as a structured process though, just do it on a whim some time, and see how it goes.

Later that same evening ...

I took a nap this evening, and just woke up. During a dream, I suddenly remembered that I had been staying in a hotel or apartment somewhere, and thought I had somehow left the key unlocked. During this time I wasn't lucid, but everything was extremely clear.

When I got back to the apartment, the door was open, so I walked around to see if everything was okay. At this point I was a little more lucid, and knew exactly where everything in the apartment was, and went from room to room until I came to a door that was closed, with some sounds coming from behind the door.

I stood there and tried to remember where the door went, and thought it might somehow be a "shared" or common area, but I couldn't remember exactly what the deal was. So I opened the door, and found a slightly older woman working in there. When I asked what she was doing there, she reminded me that this was part of the "half price" deal I signed up for. I started to open my mouth to complain, then remembered that she was right, and with that I quickly woke up.

Again, even though I can't recall each dream every night, I know this has been a long-running dream, and I've been staying there for quite some time, at least a week or more. The "apartment" feels very much like "home", or at least I know it well.

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