Lifting a house like Yoda

September 17, 2011

While the universe continues to remind me that this physical body is mortal and I'm just living here on borrowed time, my lucid dreams of late have been entertaining. Two of the last three nights I've had lucid dreams with friends and family members, along with a couple of people I don't know.

In a lucid dream around 5am this morning I yelled at everyone, "This is a dream, you're all asleep. You need to wake up!" They all stopped and looked at me like I was crazy and didn't say anything, so I proceeded to do my best Yoda imitation. I mentally lifted up the house we were all in, pulling it out of the ground, and then levitating it and floating it down the street.

Everyone in the dream seemed amazed, went to look out the windows, watched different visions go by, and commented on them. While they were doing that I began to think too much about how I could only lift the house to a certain height, but no higher. It reminded me of my levitation dreams where I can do the same thing, levitate to a certain height, but not fly at any height I want.

With all this thinking I woke up. I don't know what I expected anyone in the dream to do when I yelled at them to wake up, it just seemed like the right thing to do. I appreciated the company, but with everything going on in my life right now my patience is a little short, and people milling around in my dream were annoying me.

The only other part of the dream I found interesting was the few "extras" in the dream, the people I didn't know. Since everyone else appeared to be a family member, I thought it was curious that some extra people were in there. If that happens again I'll try to remember to ask them who they are.

(I should also note that there were a series of tornados before I became lucid in the dream. As I led family members into the house to esacape from the tornado, I became lucid in the dream.)

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