Ghost dog

January 4, 2012

The word "unusual" probably has a different meaning for me than most people. At this point I've had more than 100 or 200 out of body experiences (OBEs), I've seen an orb with my own eyes, and had precognitive experiences that are hard to explain away. So "unusual" is a very relative term.

But last night I experienced something that was very unusual, even for me.

I woke up at one point in the middle of the night, and couldn't fall back to sleep, so I began my usual relaxation exercises, telling myself to "relax" as I breathed in, then "release" as I breathed out, completely relaxing my body, but I still wasn't falling to sleep.

At some point during this process I felt something moving on the bed. Wondering what it was, I opened my eyes, raised my head, looked around, but didn't see anything. After closing my eyes and returning my head to the pillow, the motion began again. Something began spinning around on the bed, sitting down (leaning against my right leg), then getting up, spinning around, and sitting down again. I again lifted my head, opened my eyes, and looked, but there was nothing visible on the bed.

I'll guess that this whole event lasted more than a minute, but less than two or three minutes. I had enough time during the event to think that I was dealing with a ghost of some sort, and I also had plenty of time to decide whether I should feel scared or not, which I did not.

I initially didn't know what sort of "ghost" this might be, but with the spinning around, sitting down, getting back up and spinning around again, it clearly reminded me of the behavior of a dog, in this case, a ghost dog.

Unfortunately the event stopped after a while. The last thing that happened was that the dog laid down one last time, pushing its weight against my right leg. As I wondered what might happen next, nothing happened next, and the event ended. I tried to stay awake longer, felt around the bed, turned over, but the event ended just as fast as it had started.

I had some very unusual dreams after this, which I'll document another time, but none of them included a dog.

As with everything else I write here, this story of a ghost dog is true; I'm reporting what I observed from my consciousness, my perception. As with many other events, I have no way of proving that this happened, so all I can say is that it did happen. And what this visit from the "ghost dog" was about ... I have no idea ... it just seemed like a dog trying to find a comfortable way to lay on a bed.

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