Someone from “the other world” hears sounds from this world

February 22, 2012

At about three o'clock this morning I started to have my first OBE in a long time. Surprisingly, I didn't do anything special to set it up, it just started happening.

I've been working so hard for the last 10-14 days that last night around 7pm, I finally just crashed. I couldn't think any more, didn't want to look at a computer any more, so I just turned everything off. I tried to read a book, but I really didn't feel like thinking, so I turned on a tv show.

I was in bed by 9:30pm, and was pretty much asleep two minutes later. I woke up around 1am to go to the bathroom, took a little while to fall back to sleep, woke up again around 3am, and quickly felt like I might have an OBE.

Unfortunately I also had some pain the in the area where my gallbladder used to be, and as the OBE started, that pain just kept getting worse. I tried to go with it, but the pain was too much, so rather than allow the OBE to happen, I just tried a little Zen, and just tried to focus on the present moment as strongly as possible.

In the doorway between two worlds

This led to a condition I've described here before, where it feels like you're standing in a doorway between two worlds, and you have one foot in each world. I knew I was in my bedroom, but I also knew I was somewhere else, and in a few moments I knew someone else was with me. And that's where it gets really interesting.

Digressing for a moment, back here in our physical world, I live near the mountains, and as I've learned over the last few years, living by mountains leads to intense wind storms, with peaks anywhere from 50mph to 90mph. For the last few days we've been having one of these events, and when the wind hits my apartment very hard, the windows rattle, and you can hear the wind leaking and whistling around the windows.

Getting back to the aborted OBE, I knew that someone else was with me, but before I even said anything, this other person, a female, said, "Wow, how do you sleep with all that noise?" I didn't speak physically, but replied in my mind that you get used to it, and you also don't sleep near the windows. There was some other chit-chat, but I thought that was an important question. I've never had anyone from the other world ask about anything in this physical world.

Be skeptical

That being said, if you've read my writing here before, you know I am a skeptic, and even though I was stunned that this person asked about the wind and the noise, one could argue that this could easily have been a lucid dream or even a schizophrenic sort of event. Without this woman calling or writing me to say, "Hey, I had this dream last night, and I was in your apartment, and the wind was howling ...", then there is no evidence here. (I can safely write this story here because I know this person doesn't read this blog.)

I think it's always important to be skeptical with these things. The brain is an amazing thing, and I've had lucid dreams that felt as real as me typing these words into this computer. Everything seemed real, but it wasn't. (Or maybe it was, I don't know.) The important thing to me -- possibly because I've been trained as a scientist and engineer -- is that if you don't have evidence that the event was real, you can't call it real.

End of the event

This near out of body event ended during this short conversation with this woman. I was too uncomfortable to maintain the state I was in, and so she and the other world faded away, and I was back in my bed. I was hoping this first event my be followed by a second event, like they sometimes are, but even after moving around I was still too uncomfortable for anything else to happen.

I guess that's what I get for going off my regular diet. Since having my gallbladder removed, I've found there are some foods I can't eat, or some foods I can eat only so much of, and last night I guess I pushed that too much, resulting in this pain.

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