A Buddhist monk warns me about flying in public

March 9, 2012

Nothing major last night, but during an early dream I was doing the usual flying and levitating thing, and someone I perceived to be a Buddhist monk told me I really shouldn't do this sort of thing, at least not publicly.

I found it interesting, because he didn't say it sternly, and didn't say I couldn't do it, but he turned his eyes in the direction of some people around me, and let me know I was being watched. I got the feeling the people (beings) he was warning me about weren't friendly. It reminded me of other dreams I've had, where you have a sense that there is "evil" around, even if there isn't a specific threat.

In a later dream I ended up playing tennis with a friend named David I haven't seen since my college days, and later today in the real world I ran into someone who looked like him a fair amount. Again, nothing major, but when I ran into this other person in a store this morning, it made me laugh a little bit.

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