March 14, 2012

I don't plan on going anywhere today, so I can't imagine this dream will have anything to do with my day, but ...

I'm driving in a vehicle of some sort, and the traffic in front of me is stopping. I notice the vehicle in front of me is a motorcycle, and so is the vehicle behind me. The traffic starts to move again, so I begin to gently // I'm on the ground ... I'm trying to get up, and I have a strong sense of fear and disorientation. People are standing all around me, and a woman is speaking to me, "Can you get up? Be careful, your arm may be broken." At first I was afraid of these people, but now I realize they're trying to help me. As they try to help, I wake up in bed.


I used the "//" characters in the previous paragraph to show the discontinuity that occurred in this dream last night. I'm sure I didn't fall back to sleep and then wake up again, but the dream changed in an instant, like someone else had the remote control and switched to another channel without me knowing about it. In one instant I was sitting in a vehicle, starting to accelerate, and in the very next instant I was on the ground as described.

If I had to guess what happened in this dream, I'd guess that I switched from one character in the dream to another, perhaps one of the motorcycle riders. I remember thinking as I accelerated that the motorcycle rider in front of me did something unusual, and I became caught up in thinking about what he/she did. But that's just a guess, I really have no idea.

The reason I'm writing this is because it reminded me of a story Joseph McMoneagle told in one of his books. He was performing a blinded "remote viewing", where he had no idea what the target was he was supposed to view. During the middle of the viewing his scene changed like this in an instant. I don't remember what it changed to and from, but unlike my dream, the scenes weren't the same at all. In short, he learned after the viewing that he was instructed to remotely view the test site of the first nuclear explosion experiments in the United States. He attributed the discontinuity and dramatic change in scenery to that explosion.

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