Ongoing dream - Medical care in prison

March 23, 2012

I'm writing this entry more than twelve hours after the dream, so I can't remember too many details, but this morning I gained consciousness during an "ongoing" dream (which, as I've written before, is different than a recurring dream).

In this dream I'm in a place I think is a prison, and I'm working with a doctor to check or test the prisoners for something. Just as I realize that, I realize this is an ongoing dream, and the when I last left off with this dream, the man who I'm supposed to test next wanted to kill the doctor I'm working with.

Just as I remember this and try to think of what to do, the prisoner sits up, and starts nervously waving a makeshift gun at me. The gun goes off almost immediately, and he shoots me in the right side of my abdomen, near my lowest ribs. As he turns to fire on the doctor something goes wrong with his gun, and he can't shoot. As I'm in pain and holding my side, the doctor or someone next to him fires on and presumably kills the inmate.

A weird thing happens next: When the prisoner is shot, he turns and faces me, and his eyes have gone completely white. He collapses and lands in front of me, and I wake up.

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