Recurring dream of a large party

March 27, 2012

Nothing major this morning, but I had a long, recurring dream that I haven't had in quite some time ... I can't remember when I had it last. It goes something like this:

My "wife" and I are having a party, and it starts off small, with a collection of her girlfriends, oddly at the house where I grew up. Though I guess my wife and I are married, I find myself strongly attracted to a friend of hers with short red hair, she is attracted to me, and my wife doesn't seem to care.

As I'm showing the red-headed girl around the house, the scenery changes, and we're suddenly hosting a party in a much larger home that I know my wife and I own. There are many, many more people in the house, dozens perhaps, and I'm trying to show this girl where she can take a shower.

As we walk through the house, I see the following cast of characters:

An older couple comes to me, tries to tell me who they are, and although I don't know what they say, I know who they want to meet, so I introduce them to my oldest sister, and then to my grandfather, and everyone starts crying, though it's a cry of joy.

A few other summary notes of the dream:

There's not much else to add, other than the part where you wake up, and wish you could have stayed in a dream for a few hours longer.

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