A reading from Mr. Sasaki - 'I was the cosmos'

April 29, 2012

If there was a Church of Zen, someone on the pulpit might say, "A reading from Mr. Sasaki," and follow it with these words:

"One day I wiped out all notions from my mind. I gave up all desire. I discarded all the words with which I thought and stayed in quietude. I felt a little queer -- as if I were being carried into something, or as if I were touching some power unknown to me ... and Ztt! I entered.

I lost the boundary of my physical body. I had my skin, of course, but I felt like I was standing in the center of the cosmos. I spoke, but my words had lost their meaning. I saw people coming toward me, but all were the same man. All were myself!

I had never known this world. I had believed that I was created, but now I must change my opinion: I was never created; I was the cosmos; no individual Mr. Sasaki existed."

This is the way of Zen.

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