Choking/gagging on a furball during a dream

May 12, 2012

I just found my old audio recording device, put some batteries in it, and due to the miracle of modern technology, it still has dozens, maybe hundreds, of my old dream recordings on it.

As I started listening to the old recordings, I was reminded of the "furball" problem that can happen in dreams. It goes like this: Usually you're trying to talk, and you need to say something, something important, and suddenly you can't. It's not that you're being choked or out of breath, but instead, there's something in your mouth.

I've had this happen many times, and within the dream state I usually put my hand in my mouth and try to pull out whatever is in there. I can pull the thing out in pieces, but it never gets smaller. Whatever it is, it's a substance that's more like the consistency of peanut butter than anything else I can describe, the harder, thicker peanut butter you find at the bottom of the jar of "natural" peanut butter products. (Smuckers makes a version of this type of peanut butter.)

I reach into my mouth, pull some of this goo out, but I still can't talk, so I pull out more, and then more. I'm not choking during this time, and I can still breathe, but I can't talk. I can never get the goo out, it's like it just keeps replicating, and the dream always ends the same way: I wake up.

When I recorded this particular dream, my exact words were:

"Then a funny thing happened after the second dream ... I thought I started this recording, but that was just a dream of me recording. When I started recording my dreams, I suddenly got something like a furball ... in my throat, in my mouth ... I was trying to cough it up, and that's when I realized I was still in a dream, when I ... (inaudible) ..."

When I heard these words, I remembered that a similar thing had happened just a few nights ago.

Other than this piece of information, I'm glad to say I found my old recorder, and that with some new batteries in it, it still works, and I'll be starting to record my dreams once again.

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