A remote viewing experiment in 2007

July 19, 2012

(I posted this article here today because (a) this website didn't exist five years ago when this event happened, and (b) I somehow managed to never post it here.)

Five years ago, I sold my small business, decided to take some time off from the business world, and drove across the country (way across the country as it turned out), eventually landing in a small town in Alaska. While I was there -- almost five years ago to the day I'm posting this article -- I participated in a remote viewing experiment with a group of people from The Monroe Institute.

If you don't know what remote viewing is, you can check out that link, but in short, we conducted an experiment where a woman somewhere in the world put items out on her dining room table one evening, and people like myself were supposed to "view" those items from our location and tell the woman what we thought they were. I didn't know this woman or any other participants at the time, and to this day I have never met them.

What I "saw"

I did my end of the experiment: I relaxed deeply, set my intent to see the things she had laid out on her table, let everything go ... and felt like I failed miserably. I did get some impressions, but they were:

  1. A group of young kids playing in the room. There was an incident where one child stepped on another child's foot/ankle area, and there was a minor scuffle. I saw things from the first child's perspective, and thought he stepped on the other child's leg intentionally.
  2. A blond-haired dog was pacing around in the room.
  3. A small animal with something in its mouth, and if you tried to take the thing away from it, it would growl.
  4. Two women talking about some type of plate. (I recorded this into an audio recorder I have, but I can't understand what I said besides "plate".)
  5. Some type of huge natural disaster, and everyone was panicking.

I wasn't going to even bother turning in my results, but everyone else did, so I turned mine in and wrote "Well, I guess I struck out, because if these things are on your dining room table it's going to be a very busy place."

Feedback from the target

Several other people did very well, and correctly got some type of flute and an imported scarf the women set on the table.

Then, in regards to my reply, the woman who ran the experiment wrote back and said:

  1. They just had a birthday party in that room for a young girl the previous weekend. She didn't know exactly what happened, but there was a minor incident between two children, and they kept the children apart for the rest of the party.
  2. The previous owners had a blond-haired dog that always peed in this room.
  3. The night we did this experiment -- after my viewing but before I turned in my results -- her cat killed a mouse in this room, and growled every time the woman tried to take it away from her.
  4. The third item on the table was an heirloom plate that had been passed down in her family.
  5. The natural disaster didn't mean anything to her, but a friend of mine contacted me the following day, and he told me he had the weirdest dream. He said he doesn't normally remember his dreams, but he knew I was interested in them, and so he told me about this dream of a natural disaster with people running around like crazy. It freaked him out, both that he had the dream and that he remembered it, so he wanted to tell me about it.

Something spooky? Just coincidence? Nothing at all?

I thought it was fun and interesting. When I reported my results I felt like I had failed completely, but I sucked it up and reported the odd things I saw and heard.

At the time I had just sold my business, I was living in a small cabin with no tv, no microwave, intermittent electricity, I was letting my hair grow out, hiking all the time, giving rides to hikers and hitchhikers, meditating and practicing yoga all the time, and completely relaxed because I didn't have to think about work, so I was definitely in a different place mentally. This experiment was a fun addition to a fascinating summer, and I hope everyone has an opportunity to experience a time like this.


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