A long night after an illness

August 18, 2012

I still don't know what happened for sure, but on Monday of this past week I got very sick, and by Thursday night I was in the hospital. They filled me up with fluids, gave me some drugs, and though I'm still sick today (Saturday), last night was full of a lot of magic.

Seeing faces

As I got in bed, I did something I often do, closing my eyes and gently pressing on them with the heels of my hands. I've learned that if I press hard I see a lot of lights, but if I do this more gently, I usually see people's faces, numbers, letters, or more rarely, buildings.

Last night I saw many, many faces, and just kept watching them as they appeared, and then faded away. "Observe and report ... don't be attached", I kept thinking. I don't know where they come from. I tried to match them back to the people at the hospital, or faces I saw on some tv shows I watched, but I didn't see any correlation. After a while this died down.

Remote viewing

For some reason I decided this would be a good time to try some remote viewing (RV). Frankly I don't remember too much about this period, other than I was able to conjure up some extremely vivid images of places I didn't know, some inside of buildings, and some outside. I remember wishing I had my recording device nearby, because I held this state for thirty minutes, and could easily have described what I was seeing.

Ultra reality "dream"

After what seemed like my 7,000th bio break of the week, I laid back in bed, and quickly went into one of those special states that's like a dream, except everything is as real as it is here. You can feel people just like here, you hear them speak full sentences, shoot, you can feel their breath; it's as real as my typing right now. (I need a name for this state so I don't always have to describe it.)

It was a short-lived episode: I was laying in bed, next to a man, and before you get any thoughts about that, I realized it was my dad, and I was a young boy. He used to take afternoon naps on the weekend, and I would occasionally join him. So I was there, he was sleeping, but also saying something in his sleep, though I couldn't make out what.

The interesting part about this for me is that during the earlier RV episodes the idea came to mind that I wanted to try to remember what happened when I was young, and my dad and I were walking through a hospital together. I've always had the image of walking in that hospital hallway, but I never knew exactly why we were there. I twice needed stitches when I was young, but I think we were there because my mom was there, and that thought made me curious, why weren't my sisters there? I had no luck seeing this episode while trying the RV experiments, but after I woke up, I wondered if this current episode of laying in bed had something to do with the hospital.

My wife's grandmother

Next up, my wife's grandmother made a rare appearance, basically as a ghost in a dream only I could see, and I could only see her when looking in a mirror; if I turned back to look for her, she wasn't there. She was giving me a warning about someone, but I don't remember the details of who she was warning me about now.


I woke up again, thought to myself, "It's 5:21am", then thought I should open up the windows because it would be nice and cool outside. I don't have any clocks in my bedroom, but when I walked out to the living room to open the window, it was indeed 5:21.

Happily fired

Next -- and I hope for the final time in my life -- I had a dream of working for a particular engineering company. This company is basically a mirror image of a large organization I worked for in real life, and it has haunted me in my dreams for years. In this dream I was with a woman, possibly my wife, when I realized how late in the morning it was. I would never be able to make it to the 10am meeting, and I would either be reprimanded, or because I had screwed up so many times at this dream company, I would probably be fired.

In the next instant I was at work, doing something trivial, and my boss came over and said he would have to let me go. I told him that was fine, I understood. (In fact, I was incredibly relieved, and hoped this dream track was finally over.) I started to wake up at this moment, and then ...

A time to fly

I told myself I should celebrate, and also show them that even though I didn't like working for them, I wasn't without talent. By this time everyone else was in the area (a large, open, bullpen area with a high celing, like a warehouse), so I said to a few people, "Watch this", and I began to levitate. With being so sick lately I thought that's all I'd be able to do, but then I realized I could keep going and fly, so I flew over everyone's heads, circled once or twice for fun, then flew out of the building.

I flew for quite some time, through some tunnels, like a subway, then I think something happened that I can't recall; nothing major, just a time I can't account for.

A celebration

I was still flying, and with this little gap in my memory, I can't remember how it started, but there was a party with many friends and relatives, some who are deceased, most who are still alive. There's that gap, and then I go in a room and I see everyone there, and I scan around the room ... what I'm thinking at this moment is that this is a celebration of life ... I didn't die this week from the food poisoning or whatever hit me (in the real world I passed out twice this week), and this was a celebration for making it through the week.

Of course that's just my interpretation, I have no idea what the party was for, other than knowing I was the guest of honor, and everyone turned to me and applauded when I came in.

It was great to see everyone again, but unfortunately I woke up, and couldn't go back to sleep.

The week past

All of this felt like a big, pent-up "boom" of dreams and visions. I think what happened is that because I had such a rough week, and real sleep was so intermittent, that once I started feeling better, last night was "catch up" night.

The one thing I'd like to be able to repeat from this evening is the early RV experiments. I wasn't prepared for them last night, I just made up stuff, like "See the St. Louis Arch", or "Check out this building you used to work in", that sort of thing. I'll try to prepare something tonight ... I need something I can prove, so I'll either try to work with a friend, or pick a spot in town I don't know, see if I can see it, then drive there and check it out. This is something I've never been able to do before (most people either have OBEs or can do RV, but not both), but if nights can be like last night, this could be a lot of fun.

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