One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor

August 30, 2012

That last illness was pretty rough, so I decided to celebrate with some alcohol and sex. Having (probably) finished that 'tequila' phase, three days ago I got back to the 'monk' lifestyle, and last night the PK dreams started. I'm always amazed at how repeatable this is: Act bad, and I have no PK or OBE dreams; behave myself, and the PK and flying dreams come right back, usually followed a few days later by OBEs.

Followup two mornings later (Sep. 1, 2012)

Just a quick note that the flying dreams started again overnight. Things are a little weird here because my air conditioning has broken down, and the apartment people can't get it fixed; I've been exercising a lot lately, and I'm having problems with muscle cramps, and Gatorade, vitamins, and bananas aren't helping; and my family is coming into town in a few hours, but nonetheless, some time after 3am the flying dreams started.

The dreams of late have involved people from my mother's side of the family, but I learned yesterday that my aunt (my mother's sister) was in the hospital again, so last night's dreams can easily be explained by that. However, these dreams of the maternal side of the family started three nights ago, long before I knew about my aunt. I didn't make any notes about these dreams because I'm not taking time for that sort of thing right now, but in the PK dream I wrote about in this blog post, my uncle, his family, and my aunt's son were in that dream, I do remember that much.

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