Dog barfing

September 16, 2012

Just before I woke up yesterday morning, I had a dream of a dog trying to cough something up, like it was throwing up. I was standing on the dog's left hand side, bent over, and for some reason I had my hand below its mouth, apparently trying to catch whatever it was coughing up.

About forty five minutes after I woke up, I made a cup of coffee, then went out to my third-floor balcony to drink the coffee while enjoying some fresh air. When I stepped outside I looked down, and saw a dog trying to puke something up, while its owner was bent over next to it, on the dog's left side. She didn't have her hand beneath his mouth at that time, but she was bent over next to him with her hands on her knees, maybe trying to see what he was puking up. I didn't stay to watch the rest of the scene, I just went back inside.

That's how I roll. 

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