What does it mean?

September 17, 2012

As I finally have a few moments to breathe after meeting my latest work deadline, recent events make me wonder about the world.

What does it mean that I dreamt of a dog barfing an hour before the event happened?

What does it mean when I dream that something is wrong with a family member when I'm 1,000 miles away from them?

What does it mean when I can see cards in the card test, sometimes 24 hours beforehand, or other times before I even shuffle the deck?

What does it mean when I see an airplane with a very bright wing flying in the sky many hours before the event?

What does it mean when I see my dog have a stroke, nearly two years before he has the stroke?

This one is a bit of a reach, but what about dreaming of lining kids up along the wall in a gymnasium, seemingly looking for something, when a few hours later a kid brings a gun into my niece's school and they go into lockdown mode?

How about dreaming of the ground being soaked in a black substance the same night there's a major oil spill nearby?

And how about this one, writing about a girl committing suicide the night before a friend reported the suicide death of a friend on Facebook?

If all that stuff is real, what should I make of the all too real dream of being a serial killer? Or the women arguing in a foreign language I don't understand? Or speaking Aramaic?

How about having an OBE, and realizing that my body was in bed behind me, snoring? Or perhaps waking up in bed -- next to my physical body. And what about body switching? (I only reported one body-switching event here, but there have been a few.)

At one point I started to write my thoughts about precognition and the Theory of Relativity, but I got away from that. Whenever my schedule lightens up for any length, I need to think harder about this.


A basic theory about OBEs is simple: We are spirits in a material world, and some of us can experience the "spirit" portion of that equation fairly easily.

A theory related to space is also easy: I can tell there's a problem with a relative 1,000 miles away because our "spirit bodies" can communicate at something like the speed of light. A spirit body has almost no mass, or maybe it has no mass at all, and E=MC^2. Long distance communication is no problem.

But time, that's the one that trips me up. How do I see the dog barfing an hour before it happens, or the plane with the bright wing many hours before it happens, or see my dog have a stroke almost two years before it happens? In these cases I have no answer. I know Einstein said something like, "Time is what keeps everything from happening at once", but I don't know what to do with that ... at least not yet. :)

At the moment what I think this all means is ... I'm really tired, and I need a break.

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