Love letter burning party

October 4, 2012

After the dream with J the other night, I've decided to have a "Love Letter Burning Party" tonight.

The problem with "love dreams" is that there's always a negative backlash of reality, the backlash lasts much longer than the dreams, and I dealt with that last night by having too much to drink. (As mentioned before, I'm okay with the choices I've made, but that doesn't mean they aren't hard to live with sometimes.)

Alcohol doesn't mix with OBEs, so this was a waste of the current state of "being more there than here" ... though I'm suddenly reminded of this post about nearly having an OBE in a bar/restaurant in 2009.

Back on topic, love letters with a married woman will only cause problems if they're ever found, so the burning party commences tonight. Mmm, fresh baked cookies, and burnt love letters, nothing better.

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