Two nights, two lucid dreams

October 12, 2012

Two nights ago I had a lucid dream where I was walking around my old high school. I came across many old friends, and was able to go to different areas of the school just by thinking about them. I'm sure some parts of the school were inaccurate, but seeing other parts of the school very clearly brought back old memories.

Last night I had a semi-lucid dream of having sex (I seem to have that a lot lately, lol) with a woman with long black hair who worked at one of my favorite restaurants. While I'll never complain about a good sex dream, this one was weird because when I wasn't lucid I was enjoying it, but when I was lucid I kept thinking about the situation. I was wondering why I was there, where I was, and trying to observe anything that might provide a clue as to the location. And I was also trying to take care of business (YouTube link).

What I'm far more interested in regarding the dream is that she had a series of tattoos on her back that were words, handwritten words. Unfortunately I wasn't able to remember what the words were when I woke up. Twice in the dream I asked her about the words, but both times she said I needed to focus, lol. With a little luck I'll see her over the holidays, and I'll ask her if she has any tattoos.

I think the first dream was spawned from me having thoughts about school within the last 36-48 hours. I saw a high school friend's photo on Facebook, and as soon as I saw it I recalled that we switched lockers so we could both be closer to our friends. I don't know what might have spawned the second dream, other than (a) I'm a guy and that's what we think about, and (b) I have had sex dreams before OBEs before. They seem to be like a "last temptation" thing.

Hopefully having lucid dreams like this means than an OBE or two are right around the corner. Today was a day off for me, so I tried to catch up on my sleep a little bit, and I've also listened to Monroe recordings a few times during the day.

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