A tale of two houses

October 17, 2012

I had more very deep dreams last night, dreams I can't recall, and dreams about two houses I do remember. The dreams of the houses make me marvel at the brain/mind.

Mobile home on a cliff

Here in the physical world, a friend has been having financial problems for several years, and last night I dreamed that their family lived in a mobile home, and part of the home was on land, and the other part of the home was hanging over a cliff. If you've ever been to the edge of the Grand Canyon or any other cliff, it was just like that. The cliff went down at least one hundred feet, maybe more, but there was a thin line of rocks that extended from the ground up to the bottom of the house, like a man-made stilt, and this was the only thing keeping the house from falling off the cliff.

Some things happened to threaten their home, and at this point, which was probably around 2-3am, I became lucid in my dreams, realized I had my usual superpowers, and began fighting to help them. I destroyed everything there was to destroy, then really realized that this was a dream and I was tired of being a player in it, and woke up.

Back here in the real world, this family currently lives in a nice home with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a nice neighborhood. I woke up thinking that my brain/mind displaying their home to me as a mobile home hanging over a cliff was an interesting metaphor.

My tree house

The second dream, which happened right before I woke up for the morning, left me in tears. While I can't remember most of the night, presumably because of the drugs, I ended up in an another lucid dream. There was a party in the second home my wife and I owned, and I was describing to a former supervisor named Sharon and my oldest sister the houses I have lived in. As I was doing this I became lucid, and while some part of me continued to describe my homes, "I" realized that the house I was currently describing with great pride never existed anywhere but in dreamland.

This was killing me, making me very sad, because at least in this mental state, I've known this home like I've known any other home, and I loved it more than any other. It was a large home built in a forest with tall trees, and I referred to is as our "tree home". The home was all wood and glass, and it was built on some sloping land, so the back of the home was nestled into the tops of the trees. "The basement", some part of me told these women with great pride, "is larger than this house."

As it occurred to the "me" that became lucid that this beautiful house never existed back in the physical world, a very sad and empty feeling came over me, just like someone had just pulled a huge part of my life right out of my heart, like it was dead to me.

I don't remember much of what happened around me in the dream state after this. I remember standing there with this very hollow feeling, and looking down at the kitchen countertop. The "not in my control" part of me wanted the dream to continue so I could tell these women a story about how we remodeled this home we currently lived in, how we took down a shelving unit that used to be right here, right above this counter, and how removing it helped open up the kitchen to the dining room area, but the lucid part of me began questioning if that was even real. I knew the house was real back here in the physical world, we lived there in the 1990s, but did we really take that shelving unit down? Was there ever a shelving unit there? I couldn't remember.

I don't know how long I stayed like this, but I could eventually tell from the light coming through my eyelids that it was light outside, and I thought I better wake up and start the day. I realized that there were tears in my eyes, so I wiped them, sat there sadly for a moment and then thought, "You have to get up and get going", so I did.


I wonder how many people wake up depressed or sad, and don't know why?

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