Surprise, surprise (an OBE)

October 22, 2012

I went to bed last night before 11pm, but couldn't fall asleep until nearly 2am. I fell asleep briefly, had a lucid dream that someone was at the front door, and as I moved towards the door, one of the locks began opening. I thought about fighting against it to keep the person/being out, but decided against that, and quickly swung the door open.

Outside the door was a pretty young woman. She didn't look 100% like my wife, but she acted like my wife. She let herself in, dropped some things on the floor, was talking about something I can't remember, other than saying she had to pee, and went into the bathroom. She kept talking about something, but I can't remember what it was.

Being lucid in the dream, I could control my movements, but I couldn't control my mind 100%. For some reason I thought to check that the front door was closed, and as I gained more consciousness I decided to look at the bags she dropped on the floor, when I woke up.

How cool, I thought, an interesting lucid dream.

The start of the OBE

I didn't do much after the lucid dream. I couldn't fall back to sleep again, so I rolled over, rolled over, rolled over, and waited, hoping I'd eventually get a little sleep during the night. It was either that, or get up and start working.

Eventually I began to hear the old "sucking" sound. I was very relaxed, but unable to fall asleep, and the noises started. (I was getting close to having to make the decision to either wake up and work, or keep trying to sleep, so I kept thinking, "Relax, relax", and relaxing anything that felt tight or uncomfortable.)

This noise is always hard to describe, but the way I thought about it last night was that if you can imagine that every night when you fall asleep, your astral body flies out of your physical body to go out for an excursion, but you can't properly fall asleep, you feel like a yo-yo: Your astral body starts to leave, and then the physical body fights back, saying no, you can't leave. So there's a whooshing sound associated with the leaving, and then an anti-whooshing sound as your body fights back.

This went on for quite some time, and last night I was too excited at first for anything to happen, so I calmed myself and listened carefully to the sound. I noticed it sounded a little bit like a high-speed car passing you while you're standing still. As it approaches it gets louder and louder, as it's near you it's very loud, and after it passes you it fades away. The sound you hear as the car drives away from you is almost the reverse of the sound as it comes at you, like an album/song being played backwards. That's what this whooshing sound is like, except it happens very fast. There's a quick buildup as your astral body attempts to leave, then the backwards sound as the attempt to leave is rejected.

(You can come close to making the last half of the noise by closing your lips, then opening them only slightly, and then sucking air in really fast for about 1/8 to 1/4 of a second.)


During this process I calmed myself down, thinking that nothing was going to happen if I remained too excited. That's when I decided to just focus on the whooshing sound, and to try to think about and remember what it sounded like.

As I did this, there was one last whoosh and I was free. I was instantly being pulled through the darkness, and could feel the air rushing by. I realized my eyes were closed, so I decided to open them. I didn't know if I'd be opening my physical eyes in the bed, or my astral eyes in flight, but it was the latter. I watched as pretty structures in the air (sky?) around me went by, and I kept flying, flying, presumably being pulled somewhere, as I wasn't in control of the flight.

I didn't fight it at all. I was fully awake, and tried to do the usual "observe and report" thing. During the flight I heard three things: a man talking, a song playing, and then a second song playing. I couldn't understand the man, and as I write this many hours later, I can't remember the songs, but it wouldn't help because they weren't any songs that I know. I was flying head-first through something -- what can you call it, the ether? space? time? -- and just tried to enjoy the flight and music while observing patterns in the sky/ether flying by.

This went on for a while, until I was unceremoneously dumped on a floor in a room. The floor had gifts spread out ... Christmas gifts. Many of them were for me, so I began looking at who they were from. I remember two major things, seeing a white pair of tennis shoes, and a gift from my wife. (Details omitted here for personal reasons.)

As I sat on the floor looking at these things, someone/something decided I had enough time with this activity, and I was yanked from there and thrown into the living room of an old house I know back here in the physical world. I was flying now and I knew it. It was the house of the friend who had the seizure last week. I had been thrown into his living room. The downstairs didn't have any significant meaning to me, so I quickly decided to fly upstairs to see what I could find.

As I did this I saw something to my left, so I stopped flying and looked over there. The person who had the seizure was sitting at his dining room table. He was facing in my direction, and putting on his shoes. He was younger than the man I knew, but it was clearly him. Could he see me?

I still wanted to go upstairs, but then I grabbed hold of my senses: If he can see and hear me, I have to find the date. I know where I am, but I don't know when I am. I noticed something unusual: He's clearly younger than he was when I first met him. I asked him the date. He couldn't remember exactly, but then I dropped to the floor and we walked into the kitchen together. He pointed at a calendar on the refrigerator, moved his finger along the calendar, and said, "Here, it's the 25th." I looked at the month, it was November. The date he pointed to was the last day (or possibly second to last day) on the row, making it a Saturday (or possibly Friday ... I feel less certain about this now for some reason).

I couldn't see the year, so I asked him, "The year, what year is it?" Just then a young man with dark skin and dark hair appeared at the back door. I ignored him and let my friend deal with him, I needed to find out what year it was. As I looked all over the calendar, I still couldn't find it. As my friend and the other man walked through the kitchen they crossed behind me, and I felt a chill.

I saw who the calendar had been mailed to, saw some handwriting on the calendar, but as I struggled harder to find the year, I woke up.

After the OBE

I assume I woke up because I was working so hard to find the year, but when I woke up I heard the ice maker refilling. It tends to be very loud when it dumps the ice, so perhaps my body heard it. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom, and made a few notes. I wondered what the significance was of this trip? What was the deal with the gifts? Why was my friend in his old house, and younger than he was since I have ever known him? Who was the dark stranger at the back door, why did he appear, and why did I ignore him so? (During the OBE I thought, "He's probably here to see X, just ignore him.")

And that feeling when they crossed behind me as I looked at the calendar, yuk, I don't like that feeling. It would be like looking at something on a shelf in a grocery store, knowing that someone was going to walk behind you as you're looking at the product, and then for no apparent reason they brush against you as they walk behind you, touching you in a very unwelcome way.

I hoped I might have another OBE when I laid down, but after struggling to fall asleep for a while, I finally did just that.


I'm not aware of anything that helped to have the OBE, other than having the inability to fall asleep, while (finally) having the ability to deeply relax. So I met Robert Monroe's criteria very well: Mind awake, body asleep.

Oops, I need to mention that I have been listening to some Monroe recordings at night. I can't remember, but I've been doing this for most nights during the last week or two. I either read a book or watch something on Netflix, while simultaneously playing a Monroe "Meditation" or a "Gateway - Freeflow" recording using my phone.

The apartment was also warm, and just before the lucid dream and OBE I cracked open the bedroom window a little. I don't think that had anything to do with the OBE, but I thought I should mention it. I think it had more to do with getting the room a comfortable, cool temperature than anything related to the window being open.


I've met some people who think these events are a product of the brain. To that, I always keep trying to find proof here in the physical world, such as the card test.

Today I can also say that if you think these things are a product of the mind, if I have a certain powerful emotion, that should be a dominant factor during an event like this, right? Well, today is my dad's birthday. Or it would have been his birthday if he was still alive. If this were a product of the mind, you'd think I'd see him, right?

I also have a regret about this OBE. While I've conditioned myself to always look for the date and any other verifiable information I can find during an OBE, I regret not talking to my friend more. I should have asked him something, perhaps, "Why are you here?", or "Why am I here?", but instead I obsessed on the date.

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